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Seo Optimization

On page optimization is essentially the procedure of improving a webpage/website’s content and other site’s back-end basics to progress its keyword rankings on search engine result pages. 

 At the stage techniques will be followed:
  •     Optimizing Meta tags, in which I contain my targeted keyword(s)   on the title page, meta description and meta keywords.   Optimizing HTML Tags, where I emphasize my keywords inside the document through Header tags (H1, H2, H3…)   Structuring a fresh navigation for all the main pages and categories of the site in a hierarchy style.    Keyword positioning, where the important keyword(s) is used as the first word on the title, positioned on the first 5 words of the meta description and also positioned on the first 50 words of the body copy.    Keyword density on the body copy of as a minimum 0.6 – 2% for the targeted keyword.  Internal links within the page that use keywords (targeted and/or related) as anchor texts to direct on other internal pages of the site.   Staging internal links from other pages of the site to direct to the optimized destination page using targeted keywords as anchor text.     Use of pretty permalinks/page URLs.    Keywords employed as anchor text for site links (footer, sidebar, navigation links).    URL canonicalization.    Site’s speed/loading time and HTML page size.    Optimizing image alt text    Use of XML Sitemap   Inclusion of Video Sitemap to fully optimize videos posted on the site.    Optimizing Robots.txt file   Usage of Rel=”nofollow” attribute for advertisements and affiliate links.    Limiting the external or outgoing links within the page.     Trying to use the targeted keyword in the domain’s name.   Addition of the keyword in the URL and keeping the length of the URL short.   Ease of the reading level of the page’s content (through format, coherence and wording, sentence as well as paragraph structure).   Ratio of nofollow and dofollow attributed links on the page (both external and internal)   Making sure that each link – may it be external or internal – which are located on the page should direct to an active page (check for dead, broken and forbidden links).  Optimizing a 404 page template to direct visitors to the site’s homepage instead when page entrance errors occur. Following XHTML/HTML code errors through W3C Markup Validation 

    Off-Page SEO:
  • Off Page optimization is a nonstop attempt to preserve the rankings of a website in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing etc. This type of Optimization is to make quality links to the website using various techniques. By using quality Off Page Optimization on the website the rankings will be enhanced in search engines. off-page optimization helps a site to get high ranking inbound links. Over 75% of your traffic is based on inbound links.

    Here are some effective ways to generate inbound links for a website:

    •      Press Releases Submission
    •      Article Distribution on Popular Article Directories
    •      Online Advertising / PPC / PPV / Google Adwords etc.
    •   Social Networking – Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious,    StumbleUpon submit etc
    •      Link Campaigns, Paid Links, Free Links.
    •      Directory Listings – Yahoo! Directory, DMoz, Google Directory etc.
    •      Link Exchange – With Niche blogs, Friends Websites, Blogs, etx.
    •      Three-way Link Building
    •      One-way Link building
    •      Blogging
    •      Multi-way linking 
    •      Squidoo Lens Creation 
    •      Link Wheel Creation  
    •      Blog Comments   
    •      Forum Link Building  
    •      Pixel Submission  
    •      Free Classified Submission 
    •      WordPress Blog Setup    
    •      Video Optimization & Submission                                            

    Monitoring Success and Progress Reporting:

    Once the targets are set and implementation begins, the web site initiate performing better on SERPs rankings, click-through rates, web site usability and conversion rates. I will closely track the improvement and the clients are kept informed at each period of the projects. I strongly think that open communication, good customer service, timely updates are vital to the success of a SEO campaign.